Saturday, January 30, 2010

Horsehead Nebula Underpainting

I am in a spacey mood. :) With the upcoming release of Star Trek Online, I have been inspired to look at some of the pictures from the Hubble Space about beautiful. I can't believe I've never done a space painting before, and I suppose it is high time. So I've started with a small canvas (8x16) of, what else? The Horsehead Nebula.

Already this has been a joy to work on...and something quite different in approach as well as subject. I did not initially intend to do a total monochrome underpainting, but it quickly ended up that way--appropriate, I suppose, for the subject. And nice and relaxing to do with all those abstract shapes and soft edges...that's another different thing to this approach, all the blending I've been doing. (So there *is* a reason to blend, after all! :D)

This makes me want to do a lot more monochrome work...which might help a great deal in various value issues I often struggle with.

There is a lot more work to go into this!

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Anonymous said...

How Gorgeous! I love it- you should do more space paintings! Peace, Live Long, and Prosper!