Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Puddinface Study No. 1" 5x7, oil on board

This is my cat, Hobbes, in a very Hobbes pose.

He unfortunately passed away almost two weeks was extremely sad and I will miss him. (As will my other cat.)

This is a study in preparation for a larger painting starring my little Hobbsie.


Chuck Law said...

My sincerest sympathies over your loss of Hobbes, Carey. I love this study. It really shows off your distinctive brush work. Can't wait to see the larger painting.

~!Carey said...

Thanks ever so much for the nice comment and thoughts, Chuck!


Globetrotter said...

Hi Carey,

Found you over at wet canvas. So sorry about your loss! I lost my precious cat Boris back in March. It took a while to get over it. Now I have 2 more cats who look just like him but are very different. I'm wondering if you are related to artist Lois Griffel? I read her book, "Painting the impressionist landscape" over and over.

She's a wonderful plein air artist.

By the way...yes you do appear to be very painterly. Wish I was.

~!Carey said...

Thank you for having a look at my paintings and for stopping to comment, I always appreciate that!

I'm not related to Lois (that I know of), but thanks for the mention as I had a look at some of her work and was really impressed with her use of color in particular.

Thanks for the nice comments!